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Reaching Students

StuVe??? What's that?

The StuVe (short for students union) is your representation as a student at the Ulm University. It consists of various organs and committees, such as your departmental student association, with which you have certainly already had dealings. However, in addition to the important tasks that the departmental student association perform (such as organising the first semester introductions or representing your interests vis-à-vis the professors, e.g. when it comes to new examination regulations), there is also a whole range of other topics that are dealt with by the student council on an interdisciplinary basis. These include, for example, the supervision of learning areas, the organisation of parties or even projects such as the theatre flat rate. But this is only a very small part of everything that the StuVe offers or can offer you. However, we are faced with the problem that you may not even know this and therefore cannot take advantage of our offer. And that's exactly what we want to change!

For us as "internals" it is however quite difficult to see which information reaches you and your fellow students how and when. Therefore we have created the following survey to get a rough overview of the level of knowledge and the desired communication channels. Therefore we ask you to give us a few minutes of your time and help us (as well as you in the long run) to spread our information better.

Thank you in advance!
Your Students Union

Survey about the StuVe

Introductory Questions