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Lasst die Volksseele kochen! - An art exhibition against right-wing populism

Hosted by: Fclr (Festival contre le racisme Ulm/Neu-Ulm) und HdN (Haus der Nachhaltigkeit Ulm, Neu-Ulm und Region e.V.)
Place: Stadthaus Ulm (Münsterplatz 50)

On 29 May 22, the exhibition will be ceremoniously opened with a concert reading at the Stadthaus Ulm from 5 pm. The exhibition will be on display at the Stadthaus until 12 June.

The people's soul spreads fear, they talk about a "flood of refugees" and a "refugee crisis" and mock humanity as "do-gooderism". They are worried about their homeland, by which they mean a homeland to which the others should not belong. She wants to keep to herself, seeks homeliness at the right-wing campfires of the internet. It tries to escape loneliness with useless means, seeks community where only Volksgemeinschaft can be found. Art, on the other hand, can deal with diversity, can be ironic, can start with seemingly harmless play without losing sight of the great seriousness. It can lend meaning to banal plastic packaging, can bring mosques in their grandeur from the periphery to the centre, can transform tree trunks into humanity. Otto Beer, Oliver Herrmann, Klaus Koppal, Peter Schmidt, Margit Stäbler-Nicolai and Günther Zitzmann work with the most diverse artistic means. What they have in common is the positioning of their art against the right.


  • Greeting by the Mayor of Culture, Iris Mann
  • Opening speech by the artist Peter Schmidt
  • Concert reading by Urs M. Fiechtner & Sergio Vesely
  • Talk with author & artists

Free admission. The project is funded by the Partnership for Democracy in Ulm with Focus Wiblingen within the framework of the federal programme "Live Democracy!" by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The 7th Festival contre le racisme with the theme "(Post)Colonialism" will take place this year from 20 June to 03 July in and around Ulm and Neu-Ulm.
The festival is a series of events for courage, against racism and other inhuman attitudes. This year we are dealing with our (post)colonial society.
For organisational reasons, the exhibition in the town hall will take place at an earlier date. You will soon find the entire programme here: and

Poster of the exhibition "Lasst die Volksseele kochen!"