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Result of the committee elections

The committee elections for this year took place on 08.06.2021. The preliminary results for StuPa and FSR are now available on our homepage.

The committee elections for this year took place on 08.06.2021. While the University conducted a pure postal vote for the elections to the Senate and Faculty Council, the StuVe also set up the option of a ballot in person for its elections to the Student Parliament and Student Associations Council.

The provisional final results of the elections for the 9th StuPa and 9th FSR have been available since 10.06.2021 on the StuVe notice board in the Uni Süd forum and from the university network or via VPN here.

Every person entitled to vote has the right to object to the validity of this result within the next 14 days after the result has been determined, i.e. until 24.06.2021. To process an objection or to arrange an inspection appointment, one can contact the following e-mail address: stuve.wahl(at)

Voter turnout was around 3 per cent, depending on the faculty. This is an increase compared to the last elections, but still remains well below the average turnout for university elections of around 10 per cent. An evaluation of the elections will take place until the new legislature is constituted at the beginning of August.

We wish all those elected every success in their respective bodies!


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