Information concerning coronavirus

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all events including the exams have been cancelled.
This also affects services such as the printing of old exams.
These measures serve to contain the virus.

We are currently creating an online replacement program for the first-semester introduction (Bachelor and Master) on the Moodle learning platform.

We provide you with further information in our news section and on our social network accounts.

Generations of students have benefited from the fact that their student council collects minutes of exams and, in turn, provides students with them. Unfortunately, new exam protocols do not appear out of nowhere!

Many professors and lecturers submit a copy to us immediately after the end of an exam. We think that's great! Unfortunately, however, it happens too often that we have no or only outdated exams or protocols in the archive for certain subjects or oral examinations. But you can easily change this: after a test or exam, sit down with three or four other students and quickly write down what you remember from the exam. You will notice that in a small group you can still reconstruct an exam in great detail.

Ordering minutes of an old exam

During the opening hours (the current ones are always at the BECI door) we are happy to print out old exams and examination records of past exams for you. Just come over.

Alternatively, you can order your desired old exams and/or exam minutes online via the form below. We will contact you as soon as the printouts are ready and you can then pick them up from the shelf opposite the BECI (O27 / 131), to the right of the exit from O27. However, we have to ask for immediate collection!

For copyright and data protection reasons we are not allowed to publish the memory minutes electronically (by e-mail, etc.). We kindly ask you to refrain from requesting this.

All exams can be ordered within one request

Adding memory minutes of an exam

Sit down after the exam offline or online and try to reconstruct the last exam as accurately as possible. We ourselves have good experience with tools like Google Docs or ShareLaTeX.

We have provided some templates for you to use. You can send the filled out template to us via e-mail.

As a thank you for submitting new and reasonably complete memory minutes of an exam, all members of your group will receive a free beer, free coffee or other free drink in the BECI! This way, you can directly celebrate a successful exam (or drown your problems in alcohol ;) ).


What should be in the memory minutes?

Minutes from old examinations are intended to prepare you for an oral or written exam and should thus provide as much relevant information as possible about examiners, exam content and exam atmosphere, such as

  • lecture(s), exam name (What lecture is the examination about?)
  • examiner/ assessor (Who is examining you and who is the assessor/writing the official minutes?)
  • course of the exam and content (How did it go? What questions came first/last? Etc.)
  • date (When was the examination?)
  • grade (optional, but very helpful)
  • grade (optional, but very helpful)
  • preparation time (How long did you study before the exam?)
  • literature for learning (What sources/material did you use to prepare for the exam?)
  • information on mood and atmosphere (How was the athmoshere?)

To make it easier for you to create minutes of an examination, we already have the following templates you can use: