Main Stage



The Brassidents, that is

  •     an amazing tuba, which provides the fat bass and groovy beats
  •     two shredding trombones with lips of steel
  •     two trumpets that blow the foam off the beer mug
  •     a bass clarinet, the most virtuoso stovepipe in the world
  •     a drummer who makes every sewing machine pale with envy with his doublebase
  •     with envy
  •     a female singer, who with her voice can stand up to the fat brass sound.
  •     the fat brass sound

New on the brass scene around the Härtsfeld and in the Ostalbkreis, the Brassidents have already made a name for themselves. Whether as support for well-known bands such as Jamaram, VoxxClub or Folkshilfe as an independent headliner, with the Brassidents no foot remains still and no vocal organ quiet. In a time of ever more widespread "plug-in music", the 7 guys with their singer want to blow the listener's mind with their very own, honest and handmade brass sound.


  •     All musicians come from different genres: brass music, classical music,
  •     jazz, rock, etc.
  •     Genre: (as we call it) PPB- PartyPowerBrass
  •     Sponsor: Konold Härtsfelder Holzindustrie GmbH
  •     Rehearsal room: Rehearsals take place on the old agricultural estate of
  •     Lukas' old farm. The former cowshed has been converted into a comfortable
  •     comfortable, professional band room.


  •     Clarinet/ Keys: Felix Stickel
  •     Trumpet: Lukas Eberle, Peter Mang
  •     Trombone: Jan Wiedenmann, Bernhard Sing
  •     Tuba: Michael Brenner
  •     Drums: Peter Brenner
  •     Vocals: Nadine Lindacher

Jiggles and the Hairstylers

Get the hair pomade and the petticoats out of the closet and put on your dancing shoes, because Jiggle and the Hairstylers are back in town. This young rock'n'roll combo from the south has been successfully rolling through the country for more than 10 years now and proves time and again that good old rock'n'roll can sound fresh, modern, energetic and yet old-school. Fast guitar riffs backed by thick double bass sound as well as rousing sax solos crown the drum beat. Well-known and maybe a little less known songs from the time of good old Rock`n`Roll are performed. Even songs from the 90s and 2000s were put through the "rock'n'roll meat grinder". One thing is for sure, Jiggle and the Hairstylers stands for danceable Rock`n`Roll without any age restrictions.