Topics and tasks of the Student Representatives' Council

The Student Representatives' Council serves to coordinate the Student Bodies of a Faculty and to give them a voice in the Student Parliament (StuPa), similar to the state representation in the german Bundesrat. Six mebers are send to the StuPa. Who exactly is send can change from session to session.

It consists of 24 students who are elected by all students every summer. Six representatives come from each of the four faculties.

In the Student Representatives' Council

... you can get involved in the most important topic for us students: Teaching.

... you can also go to the Student Parliament (StuPa), where you can discuss and help decide on current general student issues.

... you can gain first-hand experience how things can be changed at the university and how studying can be improved.

... you can exchange ideas with people from other Departmental Student Representations and get to know other committed students.

... you get an insight into the organization of the StuVe.

The focus of the Student Representatives' Council is clearly on the topic of Teaching at the university. For example, the members discuss the annual Teaching Report with the Vice President and deal with the orientation event for first semester students. Other important topics are system accreditation, quality assurance and further development of teaching, lecture recordings and the networking of departmental representatives. Alternating representatives of the Student Representatives' Council also sit in the StuPa every two weeks to participate in discussions.

In the Student Representatives' Council you get to know what is going on in the other departments and you can get tips and suggestions from the other members that could be of interest for your own "departmental representation work".

No matter if you are new at the university or in the StuVe and just want to have a look, or if you are a vateran who already knows exactly what needs to be changed, come and visit us! You can find the date of our next session here on our homepage.

Have we aroused your interest?

Then get elected to the Student Representatives' Council. And if that's a bit too much work for you, then you should vote for the representatives you think are the best. Go vote - because a strong Student Body needs your support!

Usually, your Departmental Student Representation creates a list of candidates for the election. But of course every student has the right to organize election proposals, no matter if they are already involved their activities or not!

You can find more information about the Student Representatives' Council in § 8 of the organization statutes.

All sessions of the Student Representatives' Council are public and every student (elected or not) has the possibility to make motions (e.g. via e-mail) and to participate.

Goals of the Student Representatives' Council

For our work as the Student Representatives' Council of the StuVe of the Ulm University, we have set goals for our work and constantly strive to further improve the quality of studying at the university by fulfilling our goals.

The following pictures illustrate our goals.

Current topics of the Student Representatives' Council

In times of global pandemics and increasing digitalization, the agenda of the FSR is lengthy. In the summer semester of 2020, the impact of the corona pandemic on studying and teaching at Ulm University was a constant topic. We thought about the upcoming first semester introductions and the FUESE (interdisciplinary first semester introduction). But  problems with digital teaching and challenges with exams and internships were discussed as well.

In the following, we have summarized the most important aspects of our work in the summer semester.

Members of the 9th Student Representatives' Council

State: 04.08.2021

  • Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology
    • Anna Greve-Kramer
    • Sara Regner
    • not mentioned by name
    • not mentioned by name
    • Nikita Kiselov
    • Jakob Kuhnle
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Economics
    • Joanna Dörr
    • Marita Dietz
    • Simone Ewald
    • Helen Kafka
    • Ly Duc Hoang
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences
    • not mentioned by name
    • Rudi Pietsch
    • Agnes Keller
    • not mentioned by name
    • Adrian Umbreit
    • not mentioned by name
  • Medical Faculty
    • Jana Tertel
    • not mentioned by name
    • Mert Tosun
    • Lena Angerer
    • Paul Fetzer
    • Elisabeth Beuster

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