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The bodies of the Student Representation

Structure of the bodies

The Student Representation consists of several bodies and represents the students in several other bodies of the university and even beyond. Two of the bodies are, so to speak, the "heart" of the democratic self-administration of the Student Representation: the Student Parliament and the Student Representatives' Council.

Both are elected directly by all students once a year (usually in the summer semester, in most cases in June). However, it is not only during the elections that you can participate in the design and direction of the Student Representation, but also during the legislative period itself.

Both bodies are open to the public (non-voting members are only excluded from taking part personnel discussions) and every student is entitled to submit a motion. You can find out when the bodies meet on our homepage, or you can subscribe to the StuVe mailing list to stay up to date.

The work that the bodies have to deal with is not to be underestimated. Therefore, there are committees and working groups that support the bodies and prepare important or major issues. For example, there is a budgeting committee, which prepares a draft budget for the budget debates in the Student Parliament, or a working groupwhich deals with revisions and new versions of statutes and regulations.

If you want to be more involved, you can also nominate yourself for the bodies. To do this, you can submit an election proposal to the electoral committee (the deadline for this is usually in May). For an election proposal, it is best to organize yourself with like-minded fellow students under a common heading and for the topics with which you want to win the election. There are many possible topics: lists sometimes come together loosely on a current issue or with a common cultural background, or have existed for years, e.g. following one of the major political parties in Germany, or the lists relate to a current movement.

The Student Parliament (StuPa)

The  Student Parliament is the platform to discuss topics that really move the Ulm University. Here, everyone can turn great ideas or even their dissatisfaction into constructive action. On the one hand, every student has the right to speak and to propose motions in the  Student Parliament. So you can get involved at any time, just come to one of the sessions or even better: annouce your topic beforehand! And on the other hand, you can get elected during the elections every summer semester and have a say in the decision-making process! There are 11 directly elected parliamentary representatives in the Student Parliament.

They deal with a variety of topics that should concern us in student life. How can more study spaces be created at the university? Why is there so little affordable student housing? What is the future of the music center? How should the university be advertised and how should it not be advertised? And basically: What does the Constituted Student Body do with the 13€ contribution that it receives from each student?

You can campaign for sustainability, for social issues, for Culture & Education or for better Teaching!

In short: The Student Parliament...

  • ...discusses every two weeks at a StuPa session with 11 directly elected representatives, six representatives of the Student Representatives' Council, two of the four student senators, one person from the PhD Students' Convention and numerous guests.
  • the representation of of more than 10,000 students and advises on all relevant topics in student life.
  •  ...also runs several working groups and committees, which discuss specific topics outside the sessions and then submit proposals to the Student Parliament.
  • ...elects the members of the Executive Committee, the representation of the Student Body.

Further info on the Student Parliament  Contact us

The Student Representatives' Council (FSR)

The Student Representatives' Council consists of 24 student members who are elected each summer by all students. There are six representatives from each of the four faculties.

In short: The Student Representatives' Council...

  • with the most important topic for us students: Teaching.
  • ...has a say in the Student Parliament and can discuss and decide on current general student issues.
  • the platform of exchange between the individual Departmental Student Representations and many committed students.

The focus of the FSR is clearly on the topic of Teaching at the university. For example, the members discuss with the Vice President about the report on Teaching, which is prepared every two years, and deal with new examination regulations. Representatives of the Student Representatives' Council also sit in the Student Parliament every two weeks to participate in discussions.

The Student Representatives' Council also serves as an exchange platform between the Departmental Student Representations. Tips and suggestions are also exchanged so that the entire system makes progress.

No matter if you are new at the university or in the Student Representation and just want to have a look, or if you are an veteran who already knows exactly what should be changed, come and visit us! You can find the date of our next session here on our homepage.

Further info on the Student Representatives' Council  Contact us