The Student Parliament

The Student Parliament is the central legislative body of the Constituted Student Body. It is comparable to the german Bundestag on a federal political level. In our committee elections, the candidates run in the form of lists. The elections take place together with the elections of the Student Representatives' Council and usually also with the elections of the university bodies in the summer semester.

The StuPa passes important resolutions for the Student Body and determines the guidelines and orientation for the representation of its interests at Ulm University.
Among other things, the budget, work programs and guidelines, such as the Constituted Student Body's mission statement, are discussed and decided upon here to fulfill the Constituted Student Body's tasks. The StuPa also elects the Student Executive Committee (StEx), appoints other student and university bodies and sets up committees and commissions for special tasks. The Student Parliament deals with the Quality Assurance Means (QSM), reviews the work of the StEx and sets up an electoral committee to conduct elections.

You can find more about the Student Parliament in the organization statutes, e.g. in § 7.

All sessions of the Student Parliament are public and every student (elected or not) has the possibility to make motions (e.g. by e-mail) and to have a say.

Members of the 9th Student Parliament

State: 05.08.2021

The body consists of eleven directly elected members, two studentsenators (here there is an overlap between academic and student self-administration, the four senators decide independently who has voting rights in Student Parliament ), one member from the Promovierendenkonvent (ProKo) and six representatives sent from the Student Representatives' Council.

  • Student Parliament members (11 directly elected, one resignation):
    • not mentioned by name
    • Sven Fauth
    • Mona Arnold
    • Lev Bolotnikov
    • Daniel Reibel
    • not mentioned by name
    • Noah Grützner
    • Benjamin Langenbucher
    • Tilman Buggle
    • Ingrid Merker
    • Steve-Mattes Herbers
  • Student senators (per office):
    • not mentioned by name
    • Steve-Mattes Herbers
    • Tanaro Schädler
    • Ruben Dunkel
    • consulting member: Peter Stauffert
  • Mandates of the Student Representatives' Council (6 delegated by the Student Representatives' Council):
    • The Student Representatives' Council can send new mandates to the StuPa at any time; this is currently being done. The possible candidates can be found on the page of the Student Representatives' Council.

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