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Web form for agenda item motion

Guidance for the application

This form is intended to make it easier for you to formulate concerns that you would like to bring to the Student Representation. The bodies of the Student Representation (i.e. Student Parliament and Student Representatives' Council) meet in public and decide, after a discussion, by majority vote. Every member of the university is entitled to submit an application and is invited to participate in the sessions and have a say.

In principle, you can bring in any kind of idea, project proposal, problem, etc., even if you are not sure whether the body is the right contact for this. If your motion might be better addressed elsewhere, we will make a proposal to you.

The form template below is only intended to serve as a basic framework and in no way restricts the proposer's creativity[1]. However, it has been shown that with the information listed below, meeting participants have a better overview of the topic and can have a more productive discussion. Please keep in mind that most meeting participants may be confronted with your request for the first time.

If you have submitted a motion, you should receive an email with the date of the session at which it will be considered. It is absolutely necessary that a representative for the motion appears at this session to present the idea and to answer questions. Otherwise, the item cannot be discussed.

[1] You are also welcome to send an e-mail directly to stuve(at) if the form does not offer you all the possibilities you would like.

Form for agenda item motions to the Student Representatives' Council