The StEx

In addition to the legislative bodies Student Parliment (StuPa) and Student Representative's Council (FSR), the StuVe also has the Student Committee, for the concrete implementation of its tasks, in addition to the specialist bodies that are involved in the faculty. Similar to ministries, the Student Committee has different departments with its own areas of responsibility, its own budget and sometimes "personnel".

The Ulmer StEx corresponds as far as possible to the General Student Committee (AStA) as it is known from other federal states. However, the local student representation decided on a different name, as the term "AStA" had acquired a completely different meaning due to its history in Baden-Württemberg.

Members of the StEx

The Executive Committee (StEx) consists of (at least) 6 persons elected by the Student Parliment (StuPa) with an absolute majority. The chairpersonship is also determined by the StuPa, as is the expense allowance of the StEx.
In principle, any student of Ulm University can become a member of the StEx - the only restriction being that they must not be a StuPa member at the same time.

Currently, the StEx consists of the following members, the departments are allocated by the current team itself:

Departments of the StEx

  • Teaching:
    Like the student associations in the faculty, the StEx keeps an eye on the quality of teaching at the university level and, among other things, coordinates the work in committees such as the Senate Teaching Committee. Excellence in teaching can bring about the greatest accomplishments.
  • Culture & Education:
    StuVe's tasks include events ranging from university parties to cinema programmes, from cabaret evenings to political education or the promotion of a sense of social responsibility. A bored mind can't be productive.
  • Interior & Exterior:
    This includes representing the student body vis-à-vis the Studentenwerk, the Präsidium, local, national and international students as well as publications on the homepage and in the rumour kitchen or promoting various events and offers to the students. A silent opinion is never heard.
  • Human Resources & Law:
    The whole offer of the StuVe is supervised by speakers and aides to our departments. All personnel matters and legal questions are assigned to this department. It's always better to be safe and sound.
  • Finances:
    Financial planning and administration are handled by this department. In the end nothing works without a good cashflow.
  • Infrastructure:
    The entire infrastructure managed by StuVe, i.e. rooms, facilities and IT, is organised in this area. Nothing beats a quiet, clean and cozy place for learning in peace.
  • Service & consulting:
    This department was subdivided into the areas of responsibility of the others, including everything from the bicycle repair shop to advice on BAföG, studying with disabilities, social affairs and equal opportunities to the semester ticket. Rest assured, everything is still looked after with our highest attention.

You can find more about StEx in the organisation statutes in § 10.

Work of the StEx

  • Two different types of tasks
    • Executive and representative function (organ activity).
    • Administrative activities (may also be referred to as "management" or "office", e.g. personnel administration, financial execution).
  • Teamwork: in principle, all StEx employees form a team that discusses most of the matters together, above all, all fundamental decisions are made together. In the case of a large number of tasks that are performed individually, it is important for another StEx employee to look over them again (informal four-eyes principle) or to work directly in small groups.
  • Division into departments:
    • In order to have clear contact persons and to communicate, work and in some cases make decisions more effectively, there is a division into departments. Departments are areas which thematically summarise different tasks and fields of activity of the StuVe. Thus there are concrete (first) contact persons and main responsible persons to the outside and inside and through some departments especially for our speakers, the respective StEx members are thus "leaders" of the corresponding departments.
  • Substitution:
    • There is no explicit substitution for the department heads, the substitution is in principle taken over by the entire StEx team. If necessary (e.g. longer absence / vacation), the StEx determines a specific person.
  • Each StEx team should consider a solution for how the critical departments of personnel, finance and possibly chairmanship are to be structured redundantly; they should not only depend on a single person.
  • Communication: Nevertheless, everyone should always turn to stuve.executive(at) with their concerns (students, parliamentarians, speakers, ...), but they should also be happy to address the respective head of department directly.
  • The members of the student executive keep a logbook (at least in key points, with topics and types of activities) including time recording (at least on a daily basis).
  • Tasks of all StEx students:
    • Participation in joint meetings.
    • Offering StEx consultation hours.
  • Contact persons and coordination:
    • General topics (brief preparation + forwarding to other offices / StEx personnel).
    • Supervision of the StuVe departments, in general and the assigned ones in particular (see below).
    • StuVe departments represent a logical / thematic summary, so that similar topics / tasks e.g. run "automatically" for a head of department (overview, coordination function).
    • StEx departments enable an allocation to one or more members of the StEx, i.e. in addition to the above-mentioned thematic summary, the division of ministries also aims to achieve an equal distribution of the care effort by the StEx students (in addition to the general tasks).
    • Departments for the supervision of the lectures: These departments offer a main contact for the speakers and topics of the lectures; this face should be known in the lecture and keep regular contact.
    • Departments for a certain function: These departments are not explicitly responsible for an area in which there are also special departments, but provide a certain function (finance, personnel, law) which is needed for the StEx and/or the entire StuVe in cross-section.
  • Service & Consulting:
    • Support of the service departments
    • Coordination of services / cooperation in this area (with university and StU)
    • Subdepartments:
      • Office
      • Social (BAföG)
      • Bicycle
      • Mobility
  • Culture & Education:
    • Coordination of cultural events.
    • Educational topics (in the context of "teaching"), in particular political education.
    • Push topics in the fields of culture and education.
    • Subdepartments:
      • Culture
      • Sustainability
      • Politics
      • Film (CineAStA)
      • Sports
  •  Interior & Exterior:
    • Coordination of the non-uulm committees (city, supra-regional).
    • International topics.
    • Communication and representation (see also Chairman).
    • Supervision: stuve.kontakt(at)
    • Subdepartments:
      • Internationals
      • Equal opportunities
      • Public Relations
  • Infrastructure:
    • Supervision of the infrastructure subdepartments.
    • Room arrangements.
    • Event management (permits, organisation).
    • Infrastructure in general (e.g. rental, procurement of infrastructure).
    • Subdepartments:
      • Facility
      • Organization
      • Computer
      • Print
      • Chip card
      • Learning spaces
  • Finances:
    • budgetplan
    • budget management
    • Accounting Coordination
    • Contact person for speakers and FS financiers
    • Cooperation with the Budget Officer and the Financial Officer
    • General financial activities (presentations, events)
  • Chairman:
    • No actual department, but a statutory body, which must be occupied by a member of the StEx (election by the parlement), but thus also a task of the StEx.
    • Official correspondence with the university (statutes, regulations, budgets).
    • Official representation to the outside, see also inside & outside.
    • Formal office of the representatives for the budget.
    • Arbitration (internal, not to be confused with arbitration commission).
  • Law:
    • Statutes and regulations.
    • Contracts.
    • Elections.
    • Internal advice and research on legal issues (from others in the StuVe, possibly from students).
  • Personnel:
    • Starter Packages / Personnel Process
    • Contracts, personnel file, personnel administration
    • Supervision:
  • Teaching:
    • Consulting FSR.
    • Communication Vice-President for Teaching.
    • Teaching topics (general).
    • Contact person for subject-related concerns of the FSen.
    • Advisory member in the Senate (should, no must).