• Nico Rixen (Organizational matters)
  • Dana Schweiger (Awareness)
  • not mentioned by name (Hygiene article dispenser)
  • not mentioned by name (Study with additional obligations)

E-Mail: stuve.gleichstellung(at)

If you prefer to contact us directly via our university e-mails, this is also possible.

The Unit

The Equal Opportunities Office is the contact point for all questions regarding equal treatment of various groups within the student body at the University of Ulm. Among others, the focus is on students with additional burdens in their studies. Of course, the equality of all genders is also one of the tasks. If you have any concerns in these areas, we are the right contact for you.

If you have problems or questions of any kind, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are also available for you through counseling hours online or at the university. Just contact us via e-mail.

Our Main Topics

General support services:
We offer you not only general consultation sessions (these can be scheduled by mail), but also support in finding the relevant services. Another goal of the unit's services is to network with people who are affected by the same issues in order to exchange experiences and help each other.

Unfortunately, social problems such as sexual violence, harassment and discrimination can also be found in everyday life at the university. We try to support affected persons (for example through awareness teams at university parties) and to draw more attention to this unfortunately often ignored problem in society. You can find more information about the awareness team here.

Studying with additional duties/burdens:
The additional burdens can be manifold: from family obligations (child or relatives in need of care) to physical and psychological disadvantages. This also includes chronic illness or long-term hospitalization. Taking the step to study, despite all the disadvantages compared to other students, requires a lot of courage; however, the university also offers a wide variety of compensation for disadvantages.

Since last semester, we also offer a monthly Stammtisch for students with children and have a networking group. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us by email!

You can find more information about this project here.