The Unit Members

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  • Igor Mikhailov
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Email: stuve.oeffentlichkeit(at)

The Unit

We, the Public Relations Unit, take care of the StuVe's public relations.

We inform you and all other students at Ulm University about what your representation is doing and what is going on at our university and in the educational landscape. We publish information material, maintain this homepage as well as the social media pages of the StuVe and present the StuVe at the University Forum. We also help all units, Student Groups and people looking for help with questions about presentation, advertising or announcements and take care of the merchandise and other promotional materials of the StuVe.

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, would like to get involved or need help, just drop us an email. It's also worth taking a regular look at the StuVe's social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and our calendar of events.


English Glossary

In order to enable uniform translations within the StuVe, we have developed an english glossary for the StuVe. It was approved by the Student Parliament on 27.10.2021.


Gingerbread Minster

We baked the Ulm Minster out of gingerbread in December 2020. The structure was a proud 85cm high and super delicious!