The Executives

  • Lena Kunik

Email: stuve.oeffentlichkeit(at)

The Unit

The PR unit is responsible for public relations activies of the StuVe.

It informs the students what their representation does, what is new at the university and recent changes concerning the education. Further it publishes regulary the Gerüchteküche, releases further information materials and maintains this homepage. The representation of the StuVe on the Uni-Forum as well a part of its tasks as helping other units, student groups, Fachbereichsvertretungen and others concerning presentation, advertising and other announcements.


Um einheitliche Übersetzungen innerhalb der StuVe zu ermöglichen, haben wir das Glossar der StuVe erarbeitet. Dieses wurde am 27.10.2021 vom Studierendenparlament beschlossen.