What is an awareness team and what is it needed for?

Surely you also know situations at parties that are unpleasant or overwhelming. And then you suddenly find yourself alone and/or somewhat helpless among loud, partying people and don't know what exactly you should do now. For such and other similar moments, we now have an awareness team at university parties. We are a group of students who are on site during the entire party as contact people to support you. We are on your side and everything you might entrust to us stays between us. The most important thing is that you can decide at all times what you want or need.


What does the StuVe Awareness Team do?

Explaining the whole concept here on the site would probably be rather confusing, so here's the important info for you as a party-goer.

How do I get in touch with the awareness team:

  • There will be an awareness booth that you can come to at any time. The exact location is marked on your ticket or on maps of the festival area.
  • There will be members of our awareness team walking around the event area. They can be recognised by magenta (pink) warning jackets. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need anything.
  • If you can't tell us directly that you want to get in touch with the awareness team, you can also use the code word "Panama" at the appropriate places.

We can offer you the following things:

  • A contact person who will be at the party to give you the best possible support in any situation.
  • A rest room separate from the festival area, specifically set aside for the awareness team. Here you can rest for as long as you like, take a break and come down, and then feel free to go back to the grounds and continue partying.
  • It is important to note that we are only students and not professionally trained first responders; however, we will still do our best to support you and everything you entrust to us will of course remain between us.

By the way:
We are there for everyone at the party. No matter what concern you may have, just come to us. It can be anything from an overwhelming moment, the desire to lie down and rest for a while, to problems with friends or assaultive behaviour. We are always there for you!

At which events is the team active?

We will be at these events in the winter semester 23/24:


  •     FUESE party on 26.10.
  •     "Forumsflimmern" on 14.12.

Is anything still not clarified?

We are currently setting up and establishing the awareness concept. If you have any questions, if something is unclear to you or if you would like to give general feedback, you are welcome to write to us at stuve.awareness(at)uni-ulm.de at any time.

If you are interested in joining the team, we are of course happy about every new member!

(Anonymes) Feedback

Hier kannst du uns Rückmeldungen geben / You can give us any feedback here
Nur notwendig, falls du eine direkte Rückmeldung haben möchtest/ Only necessary if you want to have direct feedback