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Human Resources & Law

Department of Human Resources & Law

No organisation operates without helping hands and legal certainty. Thus the department of human resources and law works on personnel matters, the administration of employment contracts, employment ads, and a lot more related to the department and the workplace of StuVe.

A further component of this department is the responsibility for any legal questions. On the one hand, the StuVe as a public corporation has to be prepared for new and existing law, such as the new data privacy, and on the other hand, emerging legal issues also have to be clarified.

The head of department

My name is Lena Fontanive and I´m studying psychology (bachelors degree).  I have been responsible for the  Department of human resources and law in the Student Executive since July 2020. 

In the StEx, my tasks are very diverse. As part of the day-to-day business of personnel administration, I take care of employment contracts, honorary certificates, job references and the advertisement and filling of new jobs within the StuVe. I am also responsible for juridical issues that we encounter in the StuVe context. 

So if you are interested in working for the StuVe and would like to get involved, or have a juridical question, then you have come to the right place!

You can contact me via e-mail.