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The Infrastructure department

The infrastructure of the StuVe is managed by this department. This includes rooms, learning areas, facilities and also IT.

The scouting out and development of new learning areas, the care and administration of rooms, the rental and maintenance of equipment, but also ensuring the function of our IT are all important priorities within this department.

So that the students have a place to learn at any time, and can do this there in peace, comfort and cleanliness, the rooms are maintained and constantly expanded by this department.

If a university party is organised, proper sound reinforcement must also be provided by means of suitable equipment. Since these must also be served and maintained, this department cares for appropriately trained personnel, which provides for the plants.

The head of department

My name is Michael Säuberlich and I’m studying for a bachelor’s degree in Computational Science and Engineering. Since June 2020 I’m responsible for the department Infrastructure in the Executive Committee (StEx).

A large part of my tasks are events. I’m involved in almost all StuVe events and accompany, for example, students at the organization of a university party. In particular I’m responsible for security and arrangements with the university. I’m also the contact for all matters concerning our offices and learning areas. This primarily involves fire protection and operational safety, but also negotiations with the university. In addition, I’m in charge of the Audio & Light, Bicycle, Einstein, Equipment, ICT, Print and Study Spaces Unit.

If you have any questions or ideas in these areas, feel free to contact me. On request I will gladly take time for your request.

You can reach me any time by e-mail or in my consultation hours!