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Information about the semester ticket 2023 and the one-time payment

Created by Annika.Wilke |

Here is a short overview of the most important tickets. Spoiler: in most cases, the JugendticketBW is worth it for you. Furthermore, I will let you know where to find your access code for the 200€ one-time payment.


Ticket overview



  • for all students living in Baden-Württemberg (up to 27 years)
  • price: 150,50€ per semester (25€ per month)
  • validity: regional transport throughout BW + DING area, from December 1, 2023 nationwide (will be changed automatically)
  • available online at DING (for it to be valid from October 1, you must have ordered it by September 15th)
  • more information: page from bwegt

Semester ticket

  • for all students of the University of Ulm (no age limit)
  • price: 145,50€ (probably from October 1st 162,67€) per semester (24€ or 27€ per month)
  • validity: DING area
  • available at the DB Reisezentrum, at the SWU Verkehrszentrale or Uni Süd
  • more info: page from DING

Germany ticket

  • for all persons (no age limit)
  • price: 49€ per month
  • validity: regional transport in Germany
  • monthly cancelable subscription with automatic renewal
  • available online at Deutsche Bahn
  • more information: page from Deutsche Bahn

Bavarian discount ticket

  • for all students with main residence in Bavaria (no age limit)
  • price: 23,67€ per month
  • validity: regional transport in Germany
  • monthly cancelable subscription with automatic renewal
  • available online at DING
  • more information: page from Bahnland Bayern

You can get the stamp at the Studiensekretariat, either via email (studiensekretariat(at) or in person during their opening hours ( Please make sure to have your part of the form filled out already.


200€ one-time payment

Until September 30th, you can still apply for your money here. Remember that you need an online ID or an ELSTER certificate for this, so don't wait until the last day. You should have received an email from the Studiensekretariat in March 2023. However, you should also be able to find the code in the LSF at "Meine Funktionen". The document is called "EPPSG Zugangscode".


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