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Constituted Student Body

What is a Constituted Student Body (VS)?

The group of students - in addition to the status group of professors, doctoral students and staff - is referred to as the "Student bBdy". Upon enrolment, students become members of their university and thus also of the Student Body. The Student Body is "Constituted" as a public corporation by being anchored in the State Higher Education Act. This means that the VS has legal capacity as well as statutory and financial autonomy.

What is the Student Representation (StuVe)?

The StuVe designates the representatives and organs of the Constituted Student Body. The structure of the StuVe can be determined by the Student Body itself (autonomy of the statutes) and is laid down in the organisational statute.

In contrast to academic self-administration (senate, faculty councils, etc.), the organs of the VS are composed exclusively of students and form the "student self-administration", as one of the main tasks of the StuVe.

While the Departmental Student Representations tend to work on a subject-related basis, the central bodies such as the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the Student Representatives' Council (FSR) deal with university-wide issues. For operational work, they appoint the Executive Committee (StEx - similar to the AStA in other federal states) as the executive body and external representation, and this sets up units for specific tasks to support them.

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