Services of the student union

Representing and supporting the students concerning social, cultural and infrastructural aspects within and beyond the university is a key task of the student union.

Units and entites

To achive this task the student body elects the parliaments (StuPa and FSR) which in turn appoint the StEx and the executives of the units.

The units take care of the implementation of decisions and serve as your contact for questions and problems (student financing, BAföG, social affairs, internationals, StuVe work, etc.). It is also their task to maintain and provide infrastructure and equipment, organize cultural events, and inform you about developments concerning the university and the city Ulm.


You can find the StuVe-Office in N26/320. Some units and the StEx are offering opening hours there to provide information and materials to you.


Besides the learning areas, which are maintained by StuVe executives, are also some other rules on the campus which belong to us.

Next to the rooms for the student assoccations, we offer also a printing room for the students and the  employees of the StuVe as well. There you can find all necessary machines, materials, and experienced support which are needed to print nearly everything from flyers to theses.

In the bicycle workshop (located in the bicycle cellar below the cafeteria) you can find not only tools but also spare parts and free help to cycle on the hills of Ulm.

Small student projects

Every student can request up to 500€ for small student projects from the StuVe! The only requirement is, that the project benefits all students. Students of the Ulm University and acknowledged student groups are elegible to apply. Further information can be found in our procurement directive.

Café Einstein

We also provide the Cafe Einstein as a comfortable lounge including a kitchen in M24.

Site plans

Site plan university east (StuVe office, printing room, bicycle workshop, student association offices)

Site plan university west (student association offices for electrical engineering and psychology)

Learning areas and PC-Pools campus east

Learning areas and PC-Pools campus west

Auditorium finder

Playground Ulm University