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StuVe May Hike

on May 01

General information

The mountain is calling! And the beer too, of course.


On May 1, 2024 , we will lace up our hiking boots and set off on an epic hike into May. As service-oriented organizers, we naturally offer several routes for every level of fitness.

On the 1st route, mountain guide Michi will take you from Ulm (Kuhberg) to Blaubeuren in the morning. At approx. 15 km, the route is recommended for experienced hikers. For those with a thirst for beer, master brewer Basti offers the more relaxed 2nd route in the afternoon. This leads 5 km through the countryside around Blaubeuren.

Free drinks from beer to Spezi are available at the starting points while stocks last.

1st route: The sporty one (Ulm - Blaubeuren)

Meeting point:9:15 a.m. Bus stop Kuhberg Schulzentrum
How to get there:Line 2 direction Kuhberg - arrival at 9:07 a.m.
Attention, the streetcar only runs every 30 minutes!
Distance:15,4 km
Duration:3,5 - 4 h incl. break
Break:one break of 15 - 20 min
After:Return journey by train to Ulm or participation in the second route
registration:desired, please use the form below


Course of the route

We meet at 9:15 am at the Kuhberg Schulzentrum bus stop and start the tour there. We leave the city via the Fort Kuhberg fortress on the Swabian Alb Südrand trail. The adjoining ridge offers a magnificent view of the Alb foothills. A beautiful and peaceful forest begins behind Allewind. It dominates the landscape as far as Beiningen. Here we leave the Südrand-Weg and take the last three kilometers to Blaubeuren.


2nd route: The leisurely one (Blaubeuren countryside tour)

Meeting point:13:00 Blaubeuren station for socializing and drinks, start of the hike around 14:00 (possibly waiting for latecomers from the 1st route)
How to get there:RS 3 from Ulm Hbf to Blaubeuren at 12:34 or 13:34
Distance:5,7 km
Duration:2 - 2,5 h incl. beer break
Break:As required and thirst
After:Return journey by train to Ulm
Registration:desired, please use the form below

Course of the route

From 13:00, drinks and happy hikers will be ready for socializing at Blaubeuren station. We then set off at around 14:00. The leisurely route first leads through the tranquil town center of Blaubeuren, which invites you to head for a blonde half. After a short walk, we circle the Blautopf. Its ice-blue spring water pairs perfectly with a cool hand beer, which spurs us on for the following ascent.


A few vigorous steps through the idyllic Albwald forest later, we find ourselves high above the Blautal valley, from where we now make our way leisurely through the forest. The tart notes of oak and beech are reminiscent of fresh beer, which is an ideal addition to this part of the route. Finally, we reach the garlic rock. From there, there is a magnificent view over Blaubeuren, the Blautal valley and the surrounding meadows.

After enjoying a hop-based summit drink together, we continue along the ridge to Rusen Castle. This medieval ruin, carved into the rock, once again offers a fantastic view and offers historic seating that invites you to take a break, including a cereal lemonade for adults. Finally, we venture a steep descent down to the banks of the Blau, where we round off the strenuous day of hiking in a convivial atmosphere with a few hop torpedoes from around 16:30.


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