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The Self Conception of the StuVe

What do we stand for?

We are the Constituted Student Body, represented here at Ulm University as "StuVe", the Student Representation.

We are students who have joined together with the motivation to make ourselves strong for all students at Ulm University.

To represent their interests where they cannot do so as individuals.
To help them when they, as individuals, need the help of the community.
To relieve them of work so that they, as individuals, can pursue their goals, their interests, but especially their studies with the fullest attention, motivation, strength and their best abilities.
To stand by them in their studies as well as in their everyday life, be it to bring them together through entertainment or to educate them further in other fields through events and lectures.

There are many of us, because all those who are motivated and committed to helping others in Departmental Student Representations, in the Student Representatives' Council, in the Student Parliament, in committees, in working groups, in the Executive Committee, in the many different Student Groups, units and as volunteers at events, parties, elections, first semester introductions and much more are part of the StuVe and, as part of it, stand up for the interests and well-being of every single student. Everyone may, can and should participate according to their possibilities, because everyone can make a contribution to making life at Ulm University, studying as well as everyday working life and leisure time more pleasant, easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

What do we offer you?

We have a wide range of Departmental Student Representations, Units, Student Groups, events, university parties and lectures. There is something for everyone.

Where can you find us?

At the beginning of each semester, we have a stand at the University Forum, just come by and talk to us!

Regular opening hours and contact points can be found here.

You can find the Departmental Student Representations here.

You can find Student Groups here.

You can find the session dates and locations of the Student Representatives' Council and the Student Parliament here.