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Education strike 2010

Pressrelease by the working group for education protest (AK Bildungsprotest) from Januar 14, 2010

The education protest goes to the next level

Regardless of the heavy student protests during the last year, the students' central claims have been consistently ignored by the conference of the education ministers: Still tuition fees are charged in Baden-Württemberg; still many students in many places are loaded with a studyload that is nearly non-manageable; still the access to a master course is aggravated for graduates with a bachelors degree. The list could go on for a lot longer which is why the protests continue: On the evening of January 12, some students erected a symbolic burial ground in front of Ulm university, where central values of an intact educational system were "burried". On the following day, the AK Bildungsprotest offered the opportunity to inform oneself about the current grievances and scheduled protest activities while drinking a cup of coffee. In spring the second "Turbobachelor" in Ulm will be offered. It consists of several lectures from different areas of study during one day. Thereby, the current situation of Bachelor and Master students is adverted in an ironically exaggerated way. Students who bear up the 24 hours get a symbolic "Bachelor of Nothing". With actions like these, the students try to emphasize that they will no longer be put off by hollow words of the education ministers. As long as politics, universities and schools are not ready to counteract the highly visible grievances in the German educational system, the protests will go on unabatedly.

AK Bildungsprotest Uni Ulm