What is the Student Representation (Studierendenvertretung - StuVe)?

The Student Repersentation (StuVe) works on a wide variety of topics relating to the university and the study programme. It organises itself in various committees ( the student parliament (StuPa) and the council of the students associations (FSR)), as well as the chief executives committee (StEx) as the executive body and representation of the student body. It is supported by a number of units, such as the BAföG unit or the bicycle workshop, which are also open to you.


The sessions of the committees of the StuVe (the StuPa and the FSR) are basically open to the public and we always welcome visitors. So stop by and help shape it!

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Current news

Electon on 12th January 2021

Do you know that you have a say in who represents you to the university? On the 12th of January you can vote for the StudierendenParlament and the Fachschaftenrat. Of course postal ballots are also possible.

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Stipendienwoche (16. -19. November)

Bei dieser Veranstaltung werden sich verschiedene Stiftungen vorstellen und dir einen Einblick in die Stipendien und deren Bewerbungsprozess geben.

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Online Pub Quiz

On November 13, 2020 the online pub quiz of the Culture Unit will take place. Registration is required by 10 November.

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ESE Price Contest extended

The StuVe ESE raffle has been extended by one week until 08.11.2020. There are many more prizes to win. Participation in the ESE Moodle courses of the student associations.

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WiMa-Kongress am 06.11.2020

Der WiMa-Kongress ist die Karrieremesse für Studierende der (Wirtschafts-) Mathematik, Wirtschaftswissenschaften & Informatik und findet am 06.11.2020 statt.

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