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Remarks on Terminology: Due to inconsistancies regarding the translation of a couple of terms, we would like to point out which terms mean the same.

A student group, in German Hochschulgruppe, short HSG, is sometimes called university group or campus group. Student groups are almost independent from the StuVe. They have political, religious, work or study related, environmental or other interests and their members work together to achieve their goals or socialize.

Units, in German Referate, are sometimes called departments. The units of the StuVe are employees of the StuVe and they manage a lot of services the StuVe offers to students.

No responsibility of the StuVe for the content of this page

The content on this page does not represent the opinions and attitudes of the students' union, but of the individual groups. The contributions of the individual groups have been adopted unchanged.

The sorting of the groups is alphabetical and does not indicate any preferences from our side.

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