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Transportation Survey 2011/2012

Motivation and Background

The student union is frequently involved in negotiations with the SWU (which runs Ulm's public transport system) concerning the semester ticket, or the university's administration (for instance when faced with upcoming changes in the Wissenschaftsstadt's infrastructure, the parking situation, etc.).

With this survey among the students we want to gain general knowledge about students' use of public transportation in order to estimate, which changes would benefit most students. That would be helpful in negotiations with the SWU for example about the "semester-ticket".

We use the onlinesystem Evasys in order to let all students participate in the survey and build the foundation for decissions concerning all of us. Uncomplicated and fast.

Participation: A short email containing the link to the survey and the participation code (TAN) is sent to all students.

Results: After the survey the results will be published here.

Protection of Privacy: Discovering your identity by analysing the compiled data shall not be possible. Therefore the assignment of the TANs to your email addresses is done by the kiz.

If this first survey is successful, others might follow. There sure are a lot of questions, e.g. changes regarding the "semester-ticket", programm of University Sports...


The contents of this project (Transportation survey 2011/12) is published under the following license: CC BY-SA 3.0 (Creative Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike v3.0 Unported)