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Background Information

Local Public Transport

Many students and staff members come to university by means of local public transport. At the moment five bus lines operate the connection of "Wissenschaftsstadt" and city centre, line 3, line 5, line 6, line 15 and line 48.
On a more or less regular basis the student council is conduction negotiations with the SWU and the DING about the costs of the semester-ticket and the students' situation in public transport in general. For that is important to have actual knowledge about students's situation, needs and wishes regarding public transport. Gaining that knowledge is the purpose of this survey.

Management of Parking Space

Starting with the summer semester 2012 all parking space around the university will be chargeable.

At the moment prizes are set to 1€ per day. For 60€ a month a private parking place can be rent. That is why the so called "parkboys" have been installed around the university - radio-controlled metal frames permitting access to the parking space only to the holder of the matching remote (similar to a garage door).

Further information can be found here.