brief information

  • One ticket costs 9€.

  • Box office opens at 9pm.

  • Online and employees advance sale are over.

  • Admission from 21:00.

  • Admission to the festival grounds only with a valid photo ID and under over 18 years of age.

Box office

The entrance fee here is also 9€. Admission starts at 21:00. The box office opens at 9pm.  Both can be slightly delayed due to the construction.

Please note that tickets will no longer be sold at the box office, only admission ribbons will be issued. So you can only pay for yourself at the box office.

Admission is from 18 years ! Everyone who wants to enter the festival area must be able to identify himself with a valid photo ID !
Student IDs are not valid !


Free entry for helpers !

If you couldn't win a card, we will still offer you access to the festival against a helper-shift! Simply enter your name in a free layer on the helper list.

Become a Helper