Box office

Just because you didn't get a ticket in the raffle doesn't mean you can't still take part in the biggest university party in Ulm. We have a large box office contingent and will extend it to include all unclaimed tickets. Just come to the beer garden on Thursday from 5pm. We will be selling over 500 tickets there from 6pm on a first-come-first-served basis.

The beer garden is located on the party grounds at Uni West between buildings 45 and 47 and does not require a ticket.

The ticket price here is also 14€. Admission to the party is from 21:00.
Disclaimer: Both times may be slightly delayed due to set-up.

Admission is from 18 years ! Everyone who wants to enter the festival area has to show a valid photo ID !
Student IDs are not valid !

Free entry for helpers !

If you couldn't win a card, we will still offer you access to the festival against a helper-shift! Simply enter your name in a free layer on the helper list.

Become a Helper