How does the online advance sale work?

Due to the limited number of tickets and the high demand, a raffle for the advance sale ticket contingent will take place online. To participate, please register in time on the page linked below (there is no payment yet). The registration deadline is 22.6.2019. On 23.6.2019 the tickets will be raffled. With a little luck you will get the right to purchase the number of tickets you have reserved on the day of advance sale. The advance sale takes place on June 28 and on June 29 in the Cafe Einstein (Uni Ost, M24/242). Please bring a valid photo ID with you and if someone else wants to pick up the tickets for you, they can do so using a valid photo ID that belongs to you.

The representative can prove that he/she will pick up the tickets for you by

  •     an identity card for the person drawn by lot
  •     a copy of the identity card of the person drawn by lot
  •     a picture of the identity card of the drawn person

with you.

The representative will have to confirm that they are acting on your behalf with a power of attorney.

Please also tell the substitute your e-mail address in case your e-mail address contains "-1" or similar.

It must be visible on the valid photo ID that you are over 18 years old. This is NOT the case with student ID cards!



Click here and register for the raffle

Free entry for helpers !

If you couldn't win a card, we will still offer you access to the festival against a helper-shift! Simply enter your name in a free layer on the helper list.

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