Contact addresses

The FIN has some different contact e-mail addreses for requests of all kind:

  • fin(at) the general contact address of the Fachschaft. Next to request there are discussions about currently relevant topics and the meeting invitations are also sent over this list.

    Important: Ads and job offers should not sent to that address. Please use the list jobs_und_pr.fin(at) instead.

    Important: Since the list is public and has over 100 subscribers it may be preferably to send confidential request to our intern list: fin-intern(at)

  • fin-intern(at) the intern list of the Fachschaft. You can write us here for confidential questions.

  • ese.fin(at) the list for everything concerning the organization of the ESE (new student introduction).  Would you like to be a tutor? Then write use here!

    Importent: this list is not for questions of new students or people interested in studying. Please use fin(at) or fin-intern(at) for confidential requests.

  • hsql.fin(at) This is the contact address of the fin team for the lecture and excercise evaluation questionnaire and the organization of the repetitorien. Do you have any questions or criticism? We would like to hear it from you.

  • jobs_und_pr.fin(at) Are you interested in a job or would like to promote one? Then you can ether subscribe to the list or send your offer at it.

  • service.fin(at) This is the address where you can request exams and memory minutes (this is also possible over your web form)

  • verleih.fin(at) As can be seen on or material page we offer some material which can be rent for various events at the university. You can reach the rental team over this address.

  • oeffentlichkeit.fin(at) this is the contact address of the PR-team of the FIN. This team maintains the social media accounts and this website. If you find any mistake, don't hesitate writing us!

  • vorstand.fin(at) Our presidium has also an own address. In general it is better to reach out to us using fin(at) or fin-intern(at) but there are certainly some cases were it is recommended to write the presidium directly.

Next to those contact addresses we also have some informational lists. For example, you really should subscribe to info.fin(at) because we are sending some reminders concerning your study and tips whats up and hot at the university.

An overview of all informational lists and how to subscribe to those can be found on the page mailing lists.