The FachSchaft Informatik (abbr.: FIN, i.e. student representatives of the computer science programs) is part of the StudierendenVertretung (StuVe, general student representatives) and represents students of the informatics, media informatics, software engineering, artificial intelligence and cognitive systems programs.

This representation takes place both in committees of the departments and the faculty, as well as within the StuVe. Amongst others, this includes that we send four student members into the study commissions, which takes care of the further development of our study programs.

Beyond this, we also host the freshers' week (ger: "Erstsemestereinführung", abbr.: ESE) at the beginning of each semester, to help new students understand how studying here works, and organise quite a few events throughout the year.

But who is this "we"? "We", that is, the Fachschaft, are a group of students enrolled in the above-mentioned programs. If you're interested in joining us, why don't you take a look here?