Stay up to date!

You want to know what's new in your Fachschaft? Or when the next event is? Lucky for you, there are many ways to keep informed:


Social Media

Your FIN is active on the usual social media platforms and posts information about all things relevant to your studies and life at the uni. So, follow us on the platform of your choice now:


You left social media behing a long time ago, and can only be found on messenger apps nowadays? We've got you: You can also get FIN news via our Telegram channel:


Social media and messenger are too unprofessional for you? Or you want to integrate our infos into your daily flow of e-mails? No problem, just subscribe to out info.fin mailing list:


You're not the biggest fan of the constant flux of new posts in your timelinge, chat notifications on your phone, or yet another e-mail? You want to choose for yourself when to read our infos? In that case, just come back here to check our website on a regular basis.

The Toilet Paper

The other options are too much for you or you don't want to be up do date with our most current news all the time? Here's a way to keep informed exactly when you actually have the time to do so. On every toilet in the O27 building, we post our monthly Toilet Paper with current news. So you, too, can stay up to date.