How can I get to the uni?

You can reach the University of Ulm by bus, tram, car, or, if you are fit enough, by bike. In the following, we explain how, where and what you should pay attention to.


In a nutshell: By bus or tram, get off at the "Uni Süd" stop. By car, use "Helmholtzstraße" as your destination.

After getting off at the Uni Süd stop, you will see -- from left to right -- the fixed points (buildings) O25, O26 and O27, which some wise person has also painted on a wall near the the roof. The computer science wing of the building is O27, which houses almost all the computer science institutes and the FIN.

If you need a wheelchair-accessible way into the building, you have to go a little further around O28 (see map above) and at the transition from O27 to O28 you will find a suitable entrance. In the building you can then turn around to head back to O27.

By Public Transport

Picture by Dean Hochman, licensed under CC BY 2.0


Nowadays, the university is reasonably well serviced by tram line 2, as well as a few bus lines. Unfortunately, these are very crowded at peak times, seem to stop every 10 metres and then often can't go any further, because some spaced-out student is once again blocking the light barrier and the door won't close. But we'll give you some tips on that later on.

If you want to get to Uni Süd, get off at the "Uni Süd" bus stop using lines 2, 5, 8 or 13. If you are on line 15, get off at the "Kliniken Wissenschaftsstadt" bus stop.

You can find a map of which line goes where on the SWU website.

The Lines

  • Line 2
    Starts at the Kuhberg, goes via Ehinger Tor and Bahnhof/Central Station to Uni Süd.
  • Line 5
    Starts in Wiley, goes through Neu-Ulm towards Uni West and then turns around at Uni Süd.
  • Line 8
    Runs every 20 min during the day on the route Kuhberg - Soeflingen - Uni Süd
  • Line 13
    Connects Uni Süd to Jungingen, Lehr and Mähringen.
  • Line 15
    Runs once an hour during the day, twice an hour at peak times, from Willy-Brandt-Platz via Böfingen to Kliniken Wissenschaftsstadt. For students from the Oststadt especially, line 15 is a comfortable and fast solution to get to the university.

FIN Pro Tipps

During peak times, buses can unfortunately be very crowded. It gets annoying once some person is once again blocking the light barrier thus causing a delay. Make sure that even if the bus is full, you aren't standing in the light barrier at the door. We all know that right at the door is the comfiest place to be on the bus, but if one moves all the way to the middle of the bus, it can suddenly hold twice as many people. How practical!

Also, squeezing into an overcrowded bus isn't really necessary, because especially at rush hour, these buses leave every three minutes. So just wait a bit, have a laugh at how everyone else struggles to squeeze into the same bus, and take the next much emptier one.

If you live in the east or west of the city, lines 15 or 8 should be your first choice to get to the university.

Semsterticket and alternatives

In the meantime, there are very good alternatives to the semester ticket. The JugendticketBW is worthwhile for almost everyone who is under 27 and does not live in Bavaria.

In order for the JugendticketBW to be valid from the 1st of the month, it must be ordered by the 15th of the previous month. So you must have ordered by September 15, so that you have a valid ticket on October 1.


 One way ticketstudent IDSemesterticketJugendticketBWDeutschlandticketBayerisches Ermäßigungsticket
Valid during the day×
Valid from 6:00 pm
Valid at weekends
Night buses without extra charge×
Validity rangeselected single routeUlmDING-area

DING-area and regional transport BW**

Regional transport Deutschland

Regional transport Deutschland
Available foreveroneStudents of the UniStudents of the UniStudents residing in BW up to 27 years of ageeveryoneStudents with main residence in Bavaria (no age limit)
Pricefrom 2,30€im Semesterbeitrag inkl.*


(24€ per month)


(25€ per month)

49€ per month23,67€ per month
Sales pointsDING-Automatenerhaltet ihr bei ImmatrikulationDB Reisezentrum, SWU Verkehrszentrale, Uni Südonline at DINGonline at DB or DINGonline at DING
Further Information stuweDINGbwegtDBBahnland Bayern

 * Dank eines Solidarbeitrag in Höhe 29,50 €, den alle Studis der Uni zahlen müssen, können wir zumindest abends und am Wochenende mit unserem Studiausweis Busfahren.

** Ab dem 1.Dezember ist das JugendticketBW für den Regionalverkehr in ganz Deutschland gültig, ohne dass sich der Preis ändert

By Car

As a destination address, you can first head for Helmholtzstraße in 89081 Ulm. There you will find the P40 garage and the P41 parking lot. You can find an overview of all parking spaces at the university here (click on the small picture in the column on the right).


Parking for Members of the University

You can access all university parking areas free of charge by showing your student ID card. However, you must have charged at least 1 €/day to your student ID card before you can exit the car park. Of course, you can NOT pay for the parking spaces with the money you have topped up for the Mensa, that would be too easy. No, you have to load extra money onto your card via one of these five top-up machines (marked on this card in the right-hand column as a yellow-red dot).

Of course, the closer a car park is to the university, the more crowded it will be. Say you arrive at the university around 10.00 a.m.: You probably have to prepare yourself for a longer wait or for checking out several parking spaces. At least the TSU parking app can help, as it shows you which car park is currently full and how full it is. The app doesn't always work reliably, but it's better than nothing.

WebApp | iOS Version | Android Version

Helmholtzstraße Garage

The P40 garage, also known as Helmholtzstraße garage, costs a maximum of €5 per day, which can be paid for in cash or by EC card. A long-term parking permit for 84 € / semester can be purchased here. This is a bit more expensive than the 1 € / day at a university car park, but gives you a guaranteed parking space at all times, which, as mentioned above, can often be difficult at university parking areas.

By Bike

Germany's highest-located university can also be reached by bike. For an overview of the bike paths leading to the uni, see this map. Once you made it to the top of the Eselsberg, you can park your bike at one of the parking spots/bike racks or in the StuVe basement for this purpose, and then take a shower at the sports facilities.


Public bicycle pumps can be found at Uni East directly in front of the basement for parking your bikes, and at Uni West next to the bike racks at building 45.

Is there some kind of overview map?

Here you go! And for arriving by car, the uni also has this semi-useful thing here.