Mailing lists

What's a mailing list?

A mailing list is a handy tool for contacting several people at once via a single e-mail address. If you send an e-mail to such a list, e.g., all members who have subscribed to the list will automatically receive your e-mail. At Ulm University, such lists are often used to exchange information and as a platform for discussion.

The Fachschaft hosts several Mailinglisten, both for communication within the Fachschaft and for handling external requests.

Please note: All addresses are moderated mailing lists (only email addresses can post directly to the list). Emails are sent to all list members. In the case of the fin@ list, this means several hundred students. Please keep this in mind if you want to contact the FIN with personal concerns. In this case, please use the FIN Intern mailing list or come to the BeCI in person. See: contact information

Very important: If you want to join in on a discussion on a list, don't reply directly to the sender, but to the list. The easiest way to do this is to click " Reply to all" in your mail program.

Which mailing lists are there?

For an overview of all public mailing lists, see Of course you do not need to subscribe to every single one of the uni's lists, we would however like to recommend the following:

  • fin@...
    Here, all members of the FIN discuss current topics concerning our department. Also, invitations to and minutes of the FIN meetings are sent out to this list.
  • info.fin@...
    Contrary to the FIN list, this one only provides you with information. There are no discussions on this list.
  • klo.fin@...
    Here, the FIN's "Klokurier" is sent out in digital form.
  • stuve@...
    You want to know, what issues StuPa, StEx, and FSR are dealing with at the moment? What's new in the university-wide committees? What's the next creative idea proposed by the uni or the state to improve (?) our studies? Find out on the StuVe's list!
    Conferences and meetings are constantly being held at the university. If these take longer, of course, participants will by fed, amply. Thus, there often are leftovers, sandwiches, pretzels, or soups, which can be picked up by the hungry. This list keeps you updated on when and where free food is available.

How do I subscribe to a mailing list?

You can either subscribe to a list via the web interface, or you can simply write an e-mail to sympa(at), with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE <name of the list>

For example, if you want to subscribe to the FIN list, sent an e-mail with the following subject line to sympa(at)