It may sound rather ancient, but the FIN still produces a real, printed newspaper: The Toilet Paper. And as you might have guessed from its name, that's exactly where you'll find it: in the toilet stalls in the O27 building. We want to give you a chance to use your time in the restroom a little more "productively" than staring into space or swiping through Instagram statuses. Instead, you can catch up on the latest news from your student representatives and about your studies. You can find information such as invitations to barbecues and university parties as well as practical reminders about the re-registration deadline or seminar registration in the 1-2 page issue that appears about once a month.

In addition to the classic method of reading The Toilet Paper sitting down, you can also snuggle up in your bed and download the digital edition below or receive it "hot off the press" in your e-mail inbox by subscribing to the klo.fin mailing list.

join the mailing list

Don't want to constantly check here to see if the latest issue has appeared at last? No problem at all! Get your Toilet Paper delivered directly to your inbox. You only need to describe to the klo.fin mailing list, either

get involved

You want to have a hand in what can be read on the toilet next month? We're always happy to get help! For example, you could write an article about some computer science topic related to the uni (we don't print external advertisements), help us with posting the paper, or get in on the setting process.

Get in touch with us: FIN PR team