Opening Hours


As soon as the opening hours for the current semester are fixed, you will find them here. Apart from that, people can still be found in the BeCI from time to time, so feel free to drop by if you are in the area - if the traffic light is green, you can just come in.



08 - 10     
10 - 12     
12 - 14     
14 - 16     
16 - 18     

During opening hours, we are on site and ready to help and advise you with questions and problems concerning your studies. You need old exams? You have problems with your studies? You want to actively shape your studies? Then come and visit us!

Our regular opening hours at the BeCI office (O27/131) can be found in the table above. In addition, hard-working FIN people open the BeCI whenever they have time. Whenever the FINi on the traffic light lights up green, you can just come in.