Accounts and Portals

Just like other universities, Ulm University comes with at least as many portals, accounts and chip cards as there are students. We have compiled the most common ones for you here:


Most Relevant Accounts

Chip card

First of all, your chip card serves as your student ID. After having topped up your card, you can also use it for cashless payment in the mensa. (2 % discount for people paying with card at the food courts). However, you cannot use the money you have topped up for the mensa to buy parking tickets. For that, you need to top your card up at another machine (yellow-red dots on the map in the right-hand column).

Using your chip card, you can also access the uni 24/7 (hold card to door opener), access rooms within the uni, e.g. the computer pools, and go to the uni by bus in the evening and on weekends.

At the end of a semester, remember to extend your chip card at one of the SB terminals in time. This requires the PIN, which you received with your data mirror at the time of enrolment. Lost the data mirror? No worries: There's another portal for that, in which you can view your chip card data (once signed in).

You can also borrow books from the library using your chip card.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

The kiz provides you with three accounts, the most important one being the kiz basic account, which allows you to log into almost every portal of the uni. Moreover, you get a kiz Windows account and a kiz Linux account. These are needed to log into the kiz computer labs.

Watch out: Coincidentally, all three accounts start out with the same password. But if you change one, e.g. the one belonging to the kiz basic account, this will not affect your other accounts.

You can change the passwords of all three accounts online via the Identmanagement System.

Service Group IT (SGI)

The SGI operates and supports all computer facilities used for teaching in the Faculty of Computer Science. You can apply for a SGI account, which you will need for the SGI labs and the script printing system. Very cool: the SGI grants you an additional free printing quota. You can either print using one of the computers in the SGI labs or your personal laptop.


Most Relevant Portals


address: click  access: kiz basic

You can use the online catalogue of the library to search for, reserve, or renew books. To be able to borrow books, you have to stop by the library in person once to get your chip card activated for use.

The online catalogue of the library is a masterpiece of usability. Do not under any circumstances use the back button of your browser, but instead the back button of the website, otherwise the whole thing will explode.


address: klick  access: kiz basic

It is recommended that you set up your e-mail account in one of your computer's or smartphone's mail programmes (instructions here). If you don't have either at hand, you can use SOGo to access your emails via web browser. SOGo also offers groupware functions like a calendar or an address book.

Mailing lists

address:  access: kiz basic

As a student at Ulm University, you are automatically subscribed to the main mailing lists. However, if you want to receive more than just information about current construction projects, you have to subscribe to lists that are of interest to you yourself.

Here's a selection:

  • info.fin@...
    What's up in the department? Where is action needed? Find out here!
  • fin@...
    Join the discussion on current issues
  • stuve@...
    Mailing list of the institutionalised student body. Learn everything about current political topics at Ulm University here.
    Whenever food is left over at a conference or event and can now be enjoyed for free, subscribers to this list are the first in the food chain.

We have compiled a detailed description of how to subscribe to mailing lists for you here.



address: klick  access: kiz basic

Uniweit sind zwei WLAN verfügbar: welcome und eduroam. Das welcome Netz ist unverschlüsselt, bedarf aber keinerlei Konfiguration. Einfach einwählen, eure kiz Basis-Account Daten in das aufpoppende Fenster eingeben und ihr seid online.

The eduroam one is better. After a one-time configuration (instructions here), your data is sent through the air in encrypted form. Brilliant: eduroam is a worldwide (!) initiative of participating educational institutions with the aim of offering researchers and students WLAN access independent of location, or to put it another way: if you open your laptop at the university in San Francisco, you have WLAN access via eduroam. You can find a list of participating universities here.


address:  access: kiz basic

Also known as the Blue Hell of Usability, the portal for teaching, studies and research is your first stop when it comes to managing the formalities of your studies. You can change your personal data, download certificates of enrolment, check whether your re-registration has already been received and register for exams. You can also use the course search to find out when your lecture actually takes place ;).


address:  access: kiz basic

The Moodle is the uni's primary learning platform. Here you can register for courses and exercise groups, download scripts and hand in submissions.


address:  access: separate account

Learning platform of the mathematics department. Only relevant for those taking classes there.


HiWi Job Market

address:  address: separate account connected to the kiz basis account

As we all know, one doesn't live on love alone; sometimes it also takes the necessary loose cash to be able to buy a meal in the mensa. So why not combine the pleasant with the useful and work directly at the university? From around the middle of the semester, you can find numerous job offers from the institutes for the coming semester in the "HiWiBörse".

Script Printing System

address:  access: SGI account

A very practical tool provided by the SGI is the script printing system. Simply order a script online and you can pick it up two hours later in room O27/2204. And it's free of charge for you.

College sports

address:  accress: separate account

Many of the sports programmes offered are limited to a certain number of participants. Registration is possible online and is usually opened two weeks before the start of lectures.

Corona / ASQ

address:  account: kiz basic

ASQ and language programmes are limited to a certain number of participants as well. Registration takes place online as well and is opened in the first week of the semester.