Die Altklausuren werden demnächst in einem Moodle-Kurs bereit gestellt

Leider ist der Cloudstore, in dem sich die Altklausuren derzeit befinden, nicht mehr lange verfügbar. Um die Verwaltung zu vereinfachen arbeiten wir gerade daran einen Moodlekurs anzulegen um da dann die Altklausuren für euch zugänglich zu machen. Sobald dieser fertig ist findet ihr hier alle Informationen.

Generations of students have benefited from the fact that their student council collects minutes of exams and, in turn, provides students with them. Unfortunately, new exam protocols do not appear out of nowhere!

Many professors and lecturers submit a copy to us immediately after the end of an exam. We think that's great! Unfortunately, however, it happens too often that we have no or only outdated exams or protocols in the archive for certain subjects or oral examinations. But you can easily change this: after a test or exam, sit down (virtually) with three or four other students and quickly write down what you remember from the exam. You will notice that in a small group you can still reconstruct an exam in great detail.

Availability of old exams

Due to the corona pandemic and the restrictions at the university it was not always possible for us to print and hand out old exams and memory minutes as usual. In consultation with the lecturers of the department we were able to provide a solution for some lectures.

  • A few lecturers provide old exams in the Moodle courses of the corresponding lectures. This is the first place to look.
  • Also a few lectures gave us permission to publish their old exams (at least for some time) in the network of the university. We are using the Cloudstore of the university for that. You may find instructions on how to get access to the exams and memory minutes in the next section. This is the second place to look after the Moodle course.
  • In case you can't find old exams or memory minutes for a specify lecture we either don't have any or are not allowed to publish them. It doesn't help to write us an email.

Access to old exams and memory minutes in the Cloudstore

In case you could not find any old exams in the Moodle course of your lecture you may check if we have permission to publish the old exams from our inventory in the network of the university. The old exams and memory minutes for which we have the necessary permission of the corresponding lecturer are accessible in the Cloudstore of the university. Here are a few instructions to help you access these:

  1. Log in to the Cloudstore of the Ulm University with your personal kiz account.
  2. Fin a FIN Old Exams (german: "Altklausuren") circle. Because circles are limited in the amount of members, there are multiple ones. Likewise, there are multiple alternative ways to find them:
    1. Just follow these links:
      1. FIN-Altklausuren (1)
      2. [Puffer] FIN-Altklausuren (2)
      3. FIN-Altklausuren (3)
    2. Use the search bar:
      1. Using Strg+F or the search bar on the top right, search for "FIN Altklausuren"
    3. Use the menu:
      1. Switch to the "Contacts" module in the top bar.
      2. Open the hamburger menu (three lines) on the left and "Show all circles"
      3. Find the circles starting with "FIN Altklausuren" followed by a number. We need to create multiple circles because they are limited in the amount of members
  3. Choose the first entry and try to join, if it does not succeed try the next one. You can join a circle by clicking the button "Join this circle" which is shown in the top right hand corner.
  4. After joining a circle switch back to the Files module in the top bar (the icon with the label "Files" which symbolizes a folder).
  5. Among the listed directories you will now find a folder named "FIN ALTKLAUSUREN (freigegeben)". With a single click on this folder you can open it.
  6. Inside of the folder you will find all available old exams and memory minutes sorted by the lecture name.
  7. You can now download all all old exams and memory minutes that you'll  need.
  8. To also give access to your fellow students you should leave the circle again. Switch back to the Circle module, search and select the "FIN Altklausuren" group you're in. Click on the new button "Leave this circle" and confirm this step.
  9. You are not permitted to share the obtained old exams and memory minutes. It is also prohibited to give them to other students or a third party (e.g. a cloud service).
  10. If you can't find a old exams neither in the Moodle course nor in the Cloudstore we don't have or are not permitted to publish. Writing us a mail in this case has no effect.

Adding memory minutes of an exam

Sit down after the exam offline or online and try to reconstruct the last exam as accurately as possible. We ourselves have good experience with tools like Google Docs or ShareLaTeX.

We have provided some templates for you to use. You can send the filled out template to us via e-mail.

As a thank you for submitting new and reasonably complete memory minutes of an exam, all members of your group will receive a free beer, free coffee or other free drink in the BECI! This way, you can directly celebrate a successful exam (or drown your problems in alcohol ;) ).

What should be in the memory minutes?

Minutes from old examinations are intended to prepare you for an oral or written exam and should thus provide as much relevant information as possible about examiners, exam content and exam atmosphere, such as

  • lecture(s), exam name (What lecture is the examination about?)
  • examiner/ assessor (Who is examining you and who is the assessor/writing the official minutes?)
  • course of the exam and content (How did it go? What questions came first/last? Etc.)
  • date (When was the examination?)
  • grade (optional, but very helpful)
  • grade (optional, but very helpful)
  • preparation time (How long did you study before the exam?)
  • literature for learning (What sources/material did you use to prepare for the exam?)
  • information on mood and atmosphere (How was the athmoshere?)

To make it easier for you to create minutes of an examination, we already have the following templates you can use: