ÄNDERUNG: Begrüßung am Montag, dem 09.10.2023 09:00 in H20 (statt H21)

First semester introduction Bachelor

Wintersemester 2023/2024

Hey you!

That's great, because starting this fall, you'll be studying computer science, media informatics or software engineering at the University of Ulm, just like us. We think that's great!

You don't understand anything? Don't panic! Let's start with the first term: ESE stands for Erstsemestereinführung (first semester introduction). There, we, old (and young) volunteers of the computer science student council, explain how "studying" works. Thereby we attach great importance to cover all facets of university life ;)

Speaking of: in the right column we have linked a route description for you. Further down you will find the program schedule. We will start on 09.10.23 at 09.00 am in lecture hall H21.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


We will start on 09.10.2023 at 09.00 a.m. in lecture hall 21 with the welcome. There we will also show you what we will do on the two ESE days. You can find a preliminary schedule here.




09:00 UhrWelcomeH21
10:00 UhrSmall group tutorialsSeminarräume
11:45 UhrLunchMensa
12:30 UhrCampus TourSeminarräume
14:30 UhrPresentation How-To StudyH22
17:00 UhrAnalog networking with barbecueInnenhof A



10:00 UhrBrunch with brief presentationsSeminarräume
11:00 UhrSmall group tutorialsSeminarräume
13:30 UhrUni Rallye 
15:30 UhrSmall group tutorialsSeminarräume
16:15 UhrEnd of Day and DinnerVor dem BeCI
19:30 UhrPub CrawlMünsterbrunnen

Here's what happens after the ESE


Directly on the day after our ESE, the interdisciplinary freshman orientation (FUESE) starts. Here you can expect students from all departments of the university, a city rally and your first university party at the University of Ulm. More information on the FUESE website.

After you have recovered from an exciting ESE and possibly FUESE for a few days, your studies will really start officially on Monday, 16.10.23, with a speech by the president Prof. Weber. Afterwards, the subject-specific official welcoming ceremonies will take place. The exact schedule and the respective place and time can be found on this website.

Moodle Course

In order to provide you with information about the start of your studies, a Moodle course has been created for you.


Zum Moodle Kurs

Moodle is the central learning platform of the University of Ulm and you will need it for many courses.
If you are a first semester student, you will automatically be enrolled in this course and you will already see it when you log in. The login works with the kiz account you will receive after successful enrollment.

After logging in, your dashboard will appear showing all the courses you are enrolled in for the current semester. In the course report below you can search for courses in the respective semester.


Click on Freshman Introduction to Computer Science to view the course section.
There you can view information and ask questions.

If you have not been automatically added to the course, you can also enroll yourself or email us.