cabin weekend getaway for first-semester students

In addition to the actual first semesters' orientation ("ESE"), we always organise a hut weekend in the winter semester so that you can get to know each other better and take the opportunity to ask us questions after a short settling-in period.

This year, we will be taking all prospective computer scientists (including, of course, media informatics, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and cognitive systems majors) to the first semester cabin in Biberach. So we can conveniently travel there with our semester ticket. Of course, you can also travel by car and form carpools.

You must be 18 years or older to attend. The participation fee is 25€ and includes food, accommodation and entertainment. Should anyone have problems with paying, they can contact us and work off the fee in the silver mines under the BeCI ;)

(Seriously. No one should not be able to participate because they simply don't have the money. If there's a problem, get in touch).

There will be a preliminary talk the week before, date to be announced (via e-mail).

Packing List:

  • sturdy shoes (suitable for hiking)
  • backup shoes (in case the first pair gets wet)
  • slippers/cabin shoes
  • warm clothes (it might snow!)
  • personal hygiene (if you stink, you're out ;))
  • bed sheets + sleeping bag or blanket
  • small pillow (if you want to)
  • drinking bottle
  • backpack
  • electric torch
  • board/card games
  • winter tyres (drivers only)
  • safety waistcoats (drivers only)

Registration (by Thursday, October 21st, 12:00 p.m.)

Please note that places for the cabin are limited. First come, first served!