Online Freshmen Orientation - summer semester 2020

The Moodle Course


In order to provide you with information on how to start studying despite the closing of the university, a Moodle course has been created for you.

Moodle is the central learning platform of Ulm University and you will need it for many courses.

If you are a freshman, you will automatically be enrolled in this course and will see it when you log in. The login works with the kiz-account which you will receive after successful enrollment.

After logging in, your dashboard will appear, showing all courses you are enrolled in during the current semester. In the course area below you can search for courses in the respective semester.

Click on "Erstsemestereinführung Informatik" to display the course section.
There you can view information and ask questions.

If you were not automatically added to the course, you can also register yourself or send us an email. At the moment the course is not yet visible, but as soon as we have entered all contents for you, it will be activated.